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Rapid Prototyping for Non-Coders

Charbel Zeaiter February 9, 2024

Learning Objectives

Rapidly test concepts by building interactive prototypes for diverse contexts. Integrate Web2, Web3, AI and blockchain capabilities. Validate designs quickly through usability testing and iteration.

  • Utilise prototyping tools effectively for diverse UX design contexts
  • Build interactive prototypes integrating Web2, Web3, AI and blockchain features
  • Validate design concepts through usability testing and iteration

Part 1: Theory (Morning Session)

1. Introduction (15 minutes)

– Recap previous week 

– Overview of goals for Week 7

2. Prototyping Tools for Web2 and Web3 (30 minutes)

– Introduction to prototyping tools for Web2 and Web3 (e.g. Figma, Miro)

– Adapting prototyping techniques for Web3 contexts

3. Break (15 minutes) 

4. Integrating AI and Blockchain Elements (30 minutes)

– Incorporating AI and blockchain elements into prototypes

– Examples of AI and blockchain integration in UX design

5. Developing Interactive Prototypes (30 minutes)

– Importance of interactivity in prototypes

– Tools and techniques to create interactive clicks, transitions, etc.

Part 2: Hands-On Activities (Afternoon Session) 

1. Develop a Prototype (60 minutes)  

– Guided activity to develop a prototype for the client project

– Integrating Web2, Web3, AI, and blockchain elements

2. Break (15 minutes)

3. Add Interactivity to Prototypes (60 minutes)

– Students add interactive elements to their prototypes

– Receive guidance on using prototyping tools effectively 

4. Toolkit: Prototyping Resources (15 minutes)

– Recommended prototyping tools and resources 

– Learning more about AI/blockchain integration

5. Wrap Up & Next Steps (15 minutes)

– Recap learnings and insights

– Overview of Week 8 topics