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Week 1 Summary: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Charbel Zeaiter February 23, 2024

Week 1 Summary: Introduction to Digital Marketing
Week 1 introduces you to the dynamic world of digital marketing, contrasting it with traditional
marketing methods. This module will delve into the foundational aspects of digital marketing,
highlighting the role of behavioral psychology and showcasing real-world examples from both B2B
and B2C scenarios.
Key Topics:
Digital vs Traditional Marketing: Understand the differences and advantages of digital marketing over
traditional methods.
Behavioral Psychology: Explore how consumer behavior shapes marketing strategies.
Case Studies (B2B & B2C): Learn from practical examples in both business-to-business and businessto-consumer contexts.
Al in Digital Marketing: Discover how artificial intelligence can enhance digital marketing efforts.
Automation Tools: Learn about tools that can improve efficiency and productivity in digital
Introduction to Journey Mapping: Begin exploring the concept of customer journey mapping, a vital
tool in understanding your audience.
Week 1 Challenge:
Reflect on your business or a company you are familiar with and draft an initial customer journey
map. This exercise will set the stage for a deeper exploration of customer journey mapping in Week