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Week 10 Summary: Paid Social

Charbel Zeaiter February 23, 2024

Week 10 delves into the realm of Paid Social, focusing on creating effective advertising campaigns on
various social media platforms. This module covers strategies for both B2C and B2B contexts,
emphasizing platform-specific tactics and content best practices.
Key Topics:
Paid Strategy for Facebook/lnstagram & TikTok (B2C): Learn how to set up successful paid social
campaigns on Facebook, lnstagram, and TikTok. Understand the unique characteristics and strategic
approaches for each platform to effectively engage a B2C audience.
Linked In Advertising (B2B): Explore the nuances of Linked In advertising for B2B lead generation. Gain
insights into how to tailor your campaigns to a professional audience for optimal results.
Content for Paid Social: Dive into best practices for content creation on social media platforms. Learn
from examples that have proven successful in engaging audiences and driving campaign objectives.
Week 10 Activity:
Reflect on your ideal customer profile, considering where they are most likely to be active on social
media. Use your JTBD framework as a guide. Develop a strategy to engage them on the chosen
platform, applying the insights and best practices covered in class.