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Week 2 Summary: Know Your Customer

Charbel Zeaiter February 23, 2024

Week 2 of the course emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of your customers. This module is
designed to equip you with the ‘Jobs To Be Done’ (JTBD) framework and advanced customer journey
mapping techniques, enhancing your customer research skills.
Key Topics:
JTBD (Jobs To Be Done): Gain a thorough understanding of the JTBD framework and its application in
digital marketing. Learn to conduct JTBD interviews, including ways to collect information and
facilitate these sessions effectively.
Customer Journey Mapping: Deepen your knowledge of customer journey mapping, building upon
the foundations laid in Week 1. You’ll be introduced to tools like Miro, which are essential for
creating detailed and interactive customer journey maps.
Customer Research Process & Tool kit: Delve into a variety of tools and methodologies for
comprehensive customer research. Understand how to gather, analyze, and leverage customer data
to inform and optimize marketing strategies.
Week 2 Activity:
Execute a mock JTBD interview with a classmate, either individually or as a group. This practical
exercise aims to provide firsthand experience in using the JTBD framework and in understanding the
customer journey more profoundly.