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Week 4 Summary: Landing Pages & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Charbel Zeaiter February 23, 2024

In Week 4, the course delves into the pivotal role of landing pages and the art of conversion rate
optimization (CRO) in digital marketing. This module covers the nuances of different marketing
channels, the intricacies of creating and optimizing landing pages, and the methodology of setting up
effective CRO experiments.
Key Topics:
Types of Channels (Owned and Earned): Understand the distinction between owned and earned
channels in digital marketing and their respective roles in driving traffic to landing pages.
Landing Page Creation and Optimization: Learn the principles of designing effective landing pages
that resonate with your target audience. Focus on aspects that enhance user experience and
conversion rates.
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): Delve into setting up CRO experiments, encompassing A/B
testing, multivariate testing, determining sample sizes, and accounting for variables like seasonality.
Week 4 Exercises:
Dissect a Landing Page: Analyze an existing landing page to understand its strengths and weaknesses.
This exercise will help you apply the principles of landing page optimization in a real-world context.
Mock Up a Landing Page: Using the knowledge acquired about landing page creation and
optimization, design a mock-up of a landing page for your company or business. This practical activity
aims to translate theoretical understanding into actionable skills.