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Week 5 Summary: Content SEO

Charbel Zeaiter February 23, 2024

Week 5 of the course is dedicated to Content SEO, focusing on aligning content with the customer
decision-making journey. This module emphasizes the importance of keyword and topic research,
the creation of topic clusters using the hub and spoke methodology, and the art and science of
crafting engaging, SEO-optimized content.
Key Topics:
Customer Decision Making Journey: Learn to map relevant keywords to different stages of the
customer decision-making process. This helps in tailoring content that addresses the specific needs
and queries of customers at each stage.
Keyword and Topic Research: Explore techniques for conducting thorough keyword and topic
research. Understand how to identify and prioritize keywords that are most relevant to your
audience and business goals.
Creating Topic Clusters (Hub and Spoke Methodology): Discover the strategy of building topic clusters
to organize and link content, enhancing your website’s SEO structure and topic relevance.
Making Your Content Engaging: Delve into the dual aspects of content creation – the art of making
content compelling and the science of optimizing it for search engines. Learn how to balance these
aspects to produce content that not only ranks well but also resonates with the audience.
Week 5 Activity:
Conduct topic research based on the decision-making process relevant to the company you work
with, or your own business. This activity is designed to apply the principles of keyword and topic
research to a practical scenario, enhancing your understanding of how to create targeted, effective
SEO content.