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Week 7 Summary: Technical CRM

Charbel Zeaiter February 23, 2024

Week 7 delves into Technical Customer Relationship Management (CRM), focusing on integrating
customer journey insights into CRM workflows. This module explores the nuances of email sending
reputation, essential metrics for email marketing, and the selection of CRM tools tailored for B2B or
B2C contexts.
Key Topics:
Connect Journey to Workflow (CRM): Learn how to align the customer journey (mapped in Week 2)
with CRM workflows. This integration is key to ensuring that CRM strategies are customer-centric and
effectively managed.
Sending Reputation (+ Domain Reputation): Understand the importance of maintaining a strong
email sending and domain reputation, crucial for successful email marketing campaigns.
Core Metrics for Email: Identify and analyze the core metrics in email marketing that are essential for
measuring success and making informed decisions.
CRM Tool kit: Examine various CRM tools available in the market, understanding their features and
suitability for B2B versus B2C businesses. Learn to choose the right CRM tool that aligns with your
business needs and objectives.
Week 7 Activity:
Map the customer journey you developed in Week 2 to your CRM workflow. This activity aims to
provide practical experience in integrating customer journey insights into CRM systems, enhancing
the effectiveness of your customer relationship management.
This summary for Week 7 outlines the critical aspects of Technical CRM, emphasizing the practical
application of CRM strategies in line with customer journey mapping. The week’s activity encourages
hands-on experience in aligning CRM workflows with customer journey insights.