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Week 9 Summary: Paid Search

Charbel Zeaiter February 23, 2024

In Week 9, the course shifts to Paid Search, a crucial component of a comprehensive digital
marketing strategy. This module focuses on developing a paid search strategy, leveraging SEO
keyword strategies, structuring campaigns, understanding various campaign types, audience
targeting, budget management, and optimizing campaign performance.
Key Topics:
Paid Strategy Development: Learn how to formulate a robust paid search strategy that aligns with
your overall marketing goals.
Incorporating SEO Keywords into Paid Search: Review your SEO keyword strategy and integrate these
insights into your paid search campaigns to ensure consistency and effectiveness.
Campaign Structure: Understand how to map out a detailed campaign structure, including
campaigns, ad groups, and landing pages.
Campaign Types: Explore different types of paid search campaigns such as Search, Display, YouTube,
Performance Max (Pmax), and Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). Learn when and where to utilize each type
for optimal results.
Audience Targeting: Dive into audience segmentation and targeting techniques to reach the right
audience with your campaigns.
Budget Allocation and Shared Budgets: Master the art of budget allocation, including the use of
shared budgets, to maximize campaign effectiveness and ROI.
Negative Keyword List: Learn how to set up and maintain a negative keyword list to enhance
campaign efficiency.
Paid Search in the Marketing Funnel: Examine how paid search fits into the overall marketing funnel,
with a focus on bottom-of-the-funnel tactics and retargeting strategies.
Week 9 Activity:
Reflect on your SEO strategy, particularly the keyword aspects, and now develop a map of your paid
search campaigns based on these SEO insights. Focus on bottom-of-the-funnel and retargeting
strategies for this activity, considering how paid search complements and enhances your SEO efforts.